Amelia, Ohio
Amelia, Ohio

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Auction 360


2000 State Route 125

Amelia, OH 45102

Phone: 513-797-7500



Our Auctioneers

Jeffery C Pierce.  All are licensed through the Ohio Dept of Agriculture and part of the Ohio Auction Recovery Fund

What you need to know if you are                Buying a Firearm


RESPONSIBILITY OF BIDDERS: Read the descriptions of each firearm carefully. Please personally inspect each firearm on which you intend to bid and form your own opinion of the firearm. All guns are sold as is, where is. We do not test fire each gun and therefore do not guarantee that they will fire correctly. All gun sales are final, in many cases we had to rely on the consignor's description. We offer no, guarantee nor warranty on these firearms. All consignors' names are withheld due to security reasons. As per contract, consignors may not bid on their firearms, nor may they purchase them. If a consignor wishes their "No-Sale" firearm back, they must complete an FBI "NICS" instant check before the gun can be transferred back to them. This is Federal Law.



TAKING POSSESSION OF AN AUCTIONED FIREARM:  We absolutely observe all Federal and State gun laws - no exceptions. The same person who registered the bid number must be the one to pick up the firearm(s) at the conclusion of the sale at Auction 360 - no one else is permitted to make the transfer. All gun sales (with the exception of muzzle loaders or antique arms manufactured before 1898 or non-guns) will be subject to the FBI Instant Check - NICS. The only exception is a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer or Curio & Relic Collector License holder (guns MUST be on ATF approved C&R list or be 50 years or older) who must present a current, signed copy of a license (OR FAX A COPY). If you are NOT an Ohio resident, you may not take direct possession of a handgun (FFL Dealers may take immediate possession of qualifying handguns) - see next section below. If you are “denied” after your Instant Check, you will pay in full for the Firearm , you will NOT take possession of your weapons and they will remain at Auction 360, and auctioned off at the next available auction, and a check will be mailed to you for whatever the gun brings at that time, minus a the commission fee. If you know you are not supposed to possess a firearm, do not bid at this sale. We strictly adhere to all State and Federal Firearms Laws without exception, so please read carefully. Federal Firearms Laws specify that you must be at least 18 years of age to bid on rifles and shotguns and you must be at least 21 years of age to bid on handguns. You must not be under any disability in terms of owning a firearm to bid.


AUCTION GUNS WON BY OUT OF STATE BIDDERS: It is your responsibility to bid only on the firearms that are legal to ship to your respective state (for example, no large capacity military type rifles may ship to CA). Should you win a firearm that is prohibited in your state, you will be responsible to pay for any firearm, and it (they) will be held and sold in the next auction and a check will be issued to you minus our consignment fee. Know your state laws! If you are a winner on any firearm offered and you are in a state other than Ohio, you must provide us promptly with a current, signed FFL license from your local gun dealer. Your firearms will be shipped to your local gun dealer and there you must pass the NICS FBI instant check and then the gun will be transferred to you. All fees that your local dealer charges will be your responsibility. If you are not an Ohio resident, we will ship your firearms to your local gun dealer once he Emails us a copy of his signed, current FFL license or sends it in the mail.  The cost for a handgun is $30 for UPS Shipping Plus insurance, plus a $15.00 Handling Fee.. The cost of a long gun to go UPS Three-Day Select/insurance is $30 per gun, plus $15.00 handling fee. In some cases we can get two or more handgun- rifles in one gun box and the charge per gun will be reduced. We’ll work with you on this to be the most economical. Allow five working days for your gun to SHIP after we receive your FFL license. We will provide a tracking number to you once the gun ships.  To speed the entire shipping process, it is a good idea to send your local dealer’s FFL license or your C&R License to us in advance of the auction. We will keep these securely filed for future use. We guarantee we can provide a tracking number within ten days of the close of the auction, but this is contingent on your mailing of the required licenses.  We accept VISA, Master Card, or Discover with an additional 3% added to the total of the bill, and unless you immediately notify us, the auction purchases will be placed on the credit card on file you provided during registration.  It is a Federal crime to write a non-sufficient fund check on a firearms purchase - we report the gun as stolen to the ATF and local law enforcement - there is a mandatory prison sentence for the stealing of a firearm. All payments, background checks and transfer of firearms will be made at the “Auction 360” Auction Facility. All auction guns must be promptly removed (if Instant Check is a proceed).  Ohio State Sales Tax of 6.5% will be added to each invoice of Ohio residents (dealers are exempt w/vendor certificate along with any buyers premium set for said auction.


PLEASE Do Not Hesitate to call us if you are unsure of our Terms...

(513) 797-7500.